Old School Platforming

Looking for a retro, 2D platforming game? Check out StickType. Available for the Xbox One console and PC.

Get StickType for your Xbox and PC

Play Anywhere: Buy once, play on both your console and PC. Saves transfer across platforms.

Achievements: 1000 gamerscore waiting to be claimed

Challenging: You're probably gonna rage-quit and break a few controllers

Designed, coded, modeled, composed, and drawn by Mike Palotas.

See the 365-day build diary:

StickType: the one-year, one-person project.

100+ levels, 50 unlockable characters, 7 player variants...

Many hidden secrets, challenging levels, and a surprise at the end

All proceeds from StickType purchases go to animal charities.

In 2019, the following charities recieved donations thanks to StickType:

Blue Mountain Humane Society

Silver Cloud Sanctuary

Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue


Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Puget Sound Goat Rescue

The Tulip Ride/Seattle Humane Society

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Canine Cancer Research Alliance

Dogs Trust

Canopy Cat Rescue

MEOW Cat Rescue

"For one guy making this.......IT'S AMAZING!" -IcyScorpion324

"This game is a hidden gem...So glad I bought it." -Ministryofpaiin

"i think it should cost more its so FRICKING GOOD!!!" -splurg1time

"I paid money for this? I would've paid in blood if needed" -TH3REDPERIL

"If you enjoy Platformers, this is a must" -BK BuDHa

"10/10 one of the best games out there. The ending was so sweet <3" -Indigo

"HAH imm THa FiRst People Two r8 it too starz But I do give it five stars in truth." -Saten166

"this game is trash, the second level is just too hard, the health bar looks like crayon vomit, and the enemies are unfightable until you find a random mouse" -MellowBat055

(they can't all be winners)

Thanks for your support!

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